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Baking for Health, Happiness, and because

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Yolove is YOLO + LOVE = Yolove

You only live once AND.... in that one life, LOVE is everything~mixed in with some passion, happiness, and good healthy food!

Nearly 15 years ago, I had Anna, my third child.  It wasn't until she was two years old that I found out she had Celiac Disease (Hubby's side.)  Once I knew what would be missing from her edible world, I made it my life's mission to make sure she never lived without all the goodness and wonder that the Gluten world (the world as we know it) had to offer.  Thus became my obsession to cook and bake for her like my life depended on it.  How could I expect this gorgeous girl to ever live not knowing what soft bread tasted like?  Or a chewy chocolate chip cookie?  Or a moist and decadent chocolate cake?  How about pancakes or Nutella filled crepes on a Saturday morning?  How could I let her go to parties and feel left out?  There was no way I would ever let her live without one of life's greatest pleasures and necessities---GOOD FOOD!  Hence, She has never known dry and crumbly and flavorless and has NEVER been left out.

Yolove Gluten-Free.  Because Gluten-Free People love food too!

"What is done in love is done well."  Vincent van Gogh

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